Hi! I’m Bethany. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by!

If you’ve got some time, I’d love to tell you a bit more about me. Painting to me is more than just a fun hobby or relaxing moment. When out and about I see so many opportunities to turn something into a painting. I don’t just see a landscape I see how burnt sienna would make a great color for painting that tree in my yard, that sky looks like a cobalt blue was put on it, and a sunset just blooms ideas of different paint colors. Somedays the canvas sits blank while colors play in my mind begging to be put on it. The struggle can be very real! I will spend hours on a piece and end up putting so much of myself into it. There is something about intense colors to release an emotional day. To dance the brush along the paper and get out where words can not speak. I love when a simple mistake turns into a beautiful work. A spill of color can be turned into a butterfly that was meant to be there. A dark color I didn’t want turns into a painting I never knew I would love. I love working with a client and what they desire a piece to look like. From a photo they took or an image in their mind, they would like to see on paper. To cater to their wishes but also suggest what may or may not work. To accomplish a painting that they are pleased with is a great joy for me.

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The Fog



Beautiful paintings reproduced on 120 lb., 12 pt ultra bright blue-white, silk stationery cardstock. Send your loved ones an extra special card for any occasion. Set of 4 cards each a different painting and envelopes. 10% post-consumer material


Stoic Trees

Trees stand surrounded by an intense pink sky.


Over the River

Beautiful greens, a calm river, and a strong standing bridge fill this painting.


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