We put on our brave face and we paint…

Painting to me is such a beautiful wash away of that day’s challenges or an opportunity for the brush to dance across the page in the day’s joy.

Obviously, when I’m having artist block, art is the challenge of the day and I don’t feel like dancing ;). My husband will hear all my loud sighs, paper ripping, more sighs, and know today is not the best painting day. The other day brought some challenges and I just stared at the blank canvas for a bit after a phone call.

An image immediately flashed in my head of how I felt at that time. Off to the drawing board, my hands and mind went even if my heart was feeling very discouraged.

How can one be sad with burnt sienna in their hands?

I mean, really it is such a deep, warm color. Art brings so much emotion together and calms it down in one big sweep of that brush once it hits the paper.

Bringing the Family Together

I love the days that art brings my family into the room. My six yr old may walk in and pull out his coveted paint set that his teachers gave him and beg to sit beside me. Art brings us all together for a time and that overwhelming moment is easier to handle.

He may knock over the water, mix up my tray (on accident of course mommy!), or use up my last paper without me seeing, and yet it is, in the end, a fun time together.

Sure my eyes may twitch if he gets to close to a piece I really think is headed the right way.  My heart stopped when I found him painting one of my pieces and loudly announcing “mama I helping” in his little voice. We blended it together (thank goodness it is watercolor) and I turned an oops into a wonderful red hill.

These paintings will hold all these memories.

The sadness they saw while being created, the joyful giggles, the anger, the hurt, the excitement life brings, and the happy accidents made.

Art is what brings us all together at that moment. I think of the movie The Princess Bride when the guy says “Mawage is what bwings us togevuh tooday.”.

Painting is what brings my day together, my family, and even my silly puppy…us all togevuh today.

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