Barbies, barbies, and more barbies. Yes, I realize this is not an instant art blog but bear with me. The week kids were on spring break aka mommy doesn’t have time to paint let along sit down without chaos. Multitasking art time and watching kids! I had my girl sweetly asking to play barbies again.

Again, again, and again…

I couldn’t do it anymore and my hands missed painting. So hey let’s go paint art for your doll’s house! She was super happy and we started making paintings for barbie’s walls right away.  The brainstorming for how to make art for the small home began! 


Frames were made with fun markers she had and we each made our own little paintings for inside them. I stuck to mainly landscapes and some fun random abstract ones. She was super happy to blop down colors and try and copy some of my work. How fun is it to find a simple project that makes not only the kiddo happy but also me. We spent quite a lot of time doing them and she went to bed asking to make more tomorrow. I got too excited and stayed up more with our new tiny art. 



I started out cutting up pieces of watercolor paper. Two by two and a half inches worked but I found the best size was two by three inches. It leaves room for a cute fun frame and then the painting inside it. Allowed dry times in between different layers and occasionally we sketched out an object we wanted to stand out more. Multitasking my work and watching my daughter being super delighted in her own art was such fun. Barbie was a very happy client and her home is well stocked with beautiful artwork. Eventually, our mouse house had put an artwork in as well 

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