No Matter How hard I try, I can’t avoid multitasking

I have been mastering the art of having a cockapoo pup in my lap while painting lately. The other day Chloe hopped into my lap and snuggled down for a nap. I later realized she had a purple paw. After realizing this wasn’t a medical emergency (hence don’t google dogs paws are purple) and more a purple paint accident we headed out to the kitchen for a washcloth.

After cleaning her up I thought to myself how over the years I’ve constantly juggled painting into a major multitasking adventure. I would nurse my son while painting with the other hand, play referee with sibling fights while trying to paint, work late at night and have to stop to help kids being sick or having nightmares, and the list goes on. I don’t know how to just sit and paint. When my little one went to kindergarten painting alone was something I couldn’t paint for too long without crying. I missed that part of my life and it was so quiet! Then Chloe jumped in my lap and filled it some more and decided I needed to juggle still. Continuing the multi-tasking art days with a furry sometimes purple pup.

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